Fully dedicated to Dermatological Aesthetics, Skinpulse Beauty offers Aesthetic Dermatology and surgical services based on the best currently available technology for the face and body.

Dr Maurice Adatto who specializes in Surgical Dermatology and Aesthetics, in conjunction with Ms. Isabelle Bonvallat a qualified beautician, practice the best cosmetic treatments available for the face and body.


• «Soft» (microdermabrasion, photomodulation) rejuvenation treatments
• Mesotherapy without needles (TMT ™ system by electropophoration)
• Facial, toilet acne
• Superficial and medium peels
• Laser hair removal, electrical and wax
• Laser for rosacea, brown spots, tattoos, scars, stretch marks, cellulite
• Rejuvenation Lasers (fractional, ablative or not)
• Laser Photorejuvenation
• Skin thightening by laser, infrared, radio frequency
• Injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) and hyaluronic acid
• Treatment of the silhouette by AWT ™ (body shaping), Velashape ™(body shaping), lipolysis, laser and ultrasound lipoplasty
• Surgery dermatologic aesthetics (blepharoplasty, correction of scars)
• Surgery for baldness by hair graft (by Dr. J-L Cohen)
• Volumetric restructuring of the face by injection of hyaluronic acid (by Dr. J-L Cohen)
• Soft lifting by Silhouette Lift threads (by Dr. J-L Cohen)