Acne Center

The Acne Center was created to be the heart of SKINPULSE Centre of Dermatology comprising four dermatologists FMH, each within their own speciality.

This very common dermatological condition affects virtually any age group and effects both female and male equally. Appealing to increasingly specialized treatments and examinations, we put all our skills together to offer you the most up  to date forms of acne support.

Our understanding of acne and treatments over the years has progressed enormously thanks to our Acne Center, we are able to offer you a highly specialized therapies including the most modern treatment methods specially adapted to your skin type and lifestyle.

What form of acne?

The old adage “it will go away” no longer matches the many therapeutic solutions that we can offer for Acne. Our teenagers (and some adults) no longer have to undergo the aesthetic harm of this disease. From the most minor to the most serious, there are solutions.

It is not of course of a gentle acne with a major drug but to adapt to every situation. It seems that we can throw our old beliefs about the involvement of the food baskets because acne seems essentially obey hormonal causes and family sensitivities. For women a prior hormonal balance can be useful. It should be noted that the sunlight improves some patients but can in affecting others. Prudence therefore…

Several forms of acne lesions

• First Seborrhea is the prerequisite to the formation of acne. The skin has a touch of fatty and oily appearance.

• The Comedo, is a lesion commonly known “black point”.

• The microkyste or “white point” which is a small white wheal accumulation of sebum, keratin and bacterial colonies. These acne lesions are usually little or not inflammatory. Support is primarily via topical treatments (creams, lotions) you can associate a micro-dermabrasion.

• Papules and pustules are often more or less red and associated as they are of varying intensity inflammation headquarters. This is the classic image of the acne comedones, closed papules and pustules (white head buttons)… The treatment possibilities are multiple external treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers, or in the most important cases, related to internal treatments of antibiotics or vitamin A derivatives.

• The nodule is the lesion indicating the most severe acne form if the inflammatory component is very important and true nodules under the skin. Normally, these cases are treated by internal first, essentially by vitamin A derivatives.

What form of treatment?

In the preamble, we insist on the fact that a dermatological consultation is obviously essential to correctly assess the situation of each individual.

Each individual is different. Sometimes we will be combine several forms of treatments offered below.