Benign lactation


The louse pediculus humanus capitis especially like the heads of school-age children. It occurs in our region by small seasonal epidemics. Lice love clean and shiny hair. It signals its presence by a scratching of the neck and the back of the ears. This is where parents see them more easily. Sometimes there are adult lice, but much more often we find slow, small eggs glued on the hair.

Get rid of it takes sometimes marathon. Should be treated the entire group living in the same community as well as members of the family. There are several substances capable to overcome these little beasts. Each treatment should at least be used 2 times at day 1 and day 8.

You can start with shampoos to malathion (Lusap, Prioderm) database. If lice resistant, will be 1% pyretres derivatives (Loxazol, Parapoux) or even 5%. If the beast is still alive, lindane (Jacutin) can still be useful.

Regardless of the treatment, do not forget to treat all, pillowcases, hats, hoods and other. Lice don’t like heat (60 degrees) or cold in the freezer. If the business cannot be heat-treated, rest anti-pou (e.g. Baygon) spray to spray in the presence of the business in a trash bag that is closed for 24 hours on the balcony.

The gale

More rare in our countries, can bring her travel or be infected by one third of the close entourage.

In small children, the symptoms are a scraping fierce and night sitting mostly on the hands and feet injuries. In the largest, it will be alerted by lesions between the fingers, on the wrists, axillae and the genitals. If this is the case, the treatment will be family and consist of applying meticulous pyretres creams (Lyclear) or lindane (Jacutin).

The use of these creams must be ordered by a physician because misapplied treatment can be toxic, especially in young children. There are in some cases for the parents of treatments by mouth.

Bed linen and clothing worn in the last 48 hours should be boiled or disinfected with pest spray.