Child Eczema

Also called atopic dermatitis or constitutional eczema, eczema of the child is an anomaly of the defences of the skin of the child.

This anomaly leads to an inappropriate reaction it to normal stimuli for others. The origin of this eczema is genetic but many external factors seem to raise it (infections, stress of everyday life, nutritional and respiratory allergens…).

There is no single treatment but a combination of care to put in a manner precise. These care aims to reduce the number and the extent of outbreaks, improve the hydration of the skin to calm scraping, to fight often associated with infection.

Discuss specifically the risk of all drugs used in the long term is important whether it is local cortisone, other new immunomodulators, phototherapy in the great and even the risk of long term simple cosmetic creams.

Alternatively, do patch testing if we suspect a superadded contact eczema.

To successfully treat eczema of the child, there should be place in the dialogue Act problems all day from parents (clothing, behaviour of animals and different allergens, tips) or psychological problems inherent in the experience of any chronic disease.