Skinpulse Dermatology Center offers different modalities of treatment.

Laser 308nm

This type of laser  targest lesions located on small surfaces, thus avoiding touching unnecessarily large surfaces. The most common indications for laser UVB, are psoriasis and vitiligo.

Treatment with UVB narrow band UVB
We now know that the ideal wavelength for the treatment of psoriasis is between 308 and 311 nanometers. UV tubes emitting rays of this wavelength, very close to the spectrum of UVA but still only  UVB spectrum marked a major breakthrough in the treatment of several skin diseases.

Thanks to this highly selective irradiation, the required exposure times are short. This UVB treatment does not need a combined association with an oral treatment. Small areas may even now be processed by a 308 technology laser to perfectly target areas, avoiding healthy skin.

Puva Therapy
The term Puva is a generic term which includes treatment oral combining psoralens (photosensitizing substances) and UVA. These medications increase the effect of illumination. 

It is used in practice especially 5-methoxypsoralen to take 3 hours prior to the session (Psoraderm ®) and 8-methoxypsoralen (Meladinine ®) to take 2 hours before. In the case of general treatment, should avoid the Sun for 8 hours after taking the drug. During this time, patient  must also wear sunglasses to prevent the psoralens in combination with the light of the day causing occular lesions in the eyes.

Puva can be performed in a large cabin for treatment of large lesions or device adapted to smaller areas (e.g. hands and feet).

Indications for phototherapy are multiple, the main ones are:

  • Psoriasis
  • Parapsoriasis
  • Some forms of eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Prurigo
  • Sun allergy (lucite)
  • Lymphomatoid Papulosis
  • Vitiligo, etc.