Dermatological check-up

Dermatology is an active, evolving branch of medicine in constant relation with other medical specialties.

Observing the skin, mucous membranes and appendages (nails, hair) is part of any clinical examination that the dermatologist will perform. The part of dermatology devoted to technical skills is now called dermatosurgery. This section is dedicated, among other things, to various surgical techniques for more complex tumor ablation and reconstruction, lasers and various injectable products.

Note that at the SKINPULSE Dermatology Center in Geneva, each dermatologist has his/her sub-specialty: Dr CALZA dermato-paediatrics; Dr MARANGON female dermatology; Dr PILETTA dermato-allergology and inflammatory diseases; Drs ADATTO and DELLA TORRE dermatosurgery, aesthetic dermatology and lasers.

The skin is often the mirror of internal diseases. The discovery of cutaneous signs, easily accessible to the eyes of the dermatologist or to the biopsy (analysis of the skin under a microscope) can often spare the patient from other costly and uncomfortable explorations.

The skin is also directly related to the environment and a high proportion of skin pathology is linked to external physical (sun, cold) or chemical (cosmetic, pollution, etc.) aggressions.

The examination of the skin by a board-certifieddermatologist will be beneficial to the patient, whether for a single or several “pimples”, or for symptoms involving an internal organ. For example, the early discovery of a black spot acquired on the back and its rapid removal by the dermatologist can be a saving gesture. You should therefore never trivialize or neglect a stain or “pimple” which doesn’t heal spontaneously on your skin, without having shown it to your dermatologist.