Benign viral diseases

Two perfectly benign virus most often affect the skin. It’s warts and the mollusca.


Although many nasty aspect, do alter in any way the health of a child or an adult and sometimes the patient the unnoticed even. Heroic treatments of the past years have been put aside in children due to their percentage of failure. Can approach them in different non-traumatic ways for the child. In addition, there are individual susceptibility which explains that some fight with for years while comrades never catch. To prevent, can always ask children to wear plastic protections to edge of swimming pool or the clothing protections on gym mats and tatamis of judo. Do not throw the stone to sport teachers or managers of swimming pool. All disinfection procedures are already in place but these small little evil viruses are resistant to all the usual chlorinated disinfections.

The mollusca 

They are also a mild viral disease. They appear to become epidemic, and occur more and earlier in life probably because the habits of early social development of current children.

Very decorative, but not dangerous, healing occur spontaneously in 12 to 18 months. They may in some sensitive children trigger unpleasant eczema which lead to treat them. There, various therapeutic options are available. The method must be adapted to each child according to his age, his fears and the associated problems. Adults are sometimes also carriers.

Note that lasers have no role to play in the treatment of these two viral diseases.