Surgical Dermatology

Called also dermatochirurgie or dermatological surgery surgical Dermatology is an integral part of Dermatology. It is actively practised within the SKINPULSE Dermatology Center.

It comes to the technical branch that deals with all of the surgical field and, more particularly, that of the treatment of skin tumors (benign or malignant).

This implies either excisions and simple but properly oriented closures and without tension on the scar, or ablations, more large size, using then reconstructions more complex, with flap or graft.

A special technique for treatment of skin cancers called according to MOHS Micrographic Surgery is also done in the SKINPULSE centre.

Dr Maurice ADATTO is the specialist in dermatochirurgie in Central SKINPULSE. 

Another domain of predilection of the Dermatologic Surgery is the support of scars, regardless of their origin.

Finally, an area strictly aesthetic, dermato-surgeon is also the specialist injections (botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, among others).

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