Childhood Eczema

Also known as atopic dermatitis or constitutional eczema, childhood eczema corresponds to an anomaly in the child’s skin defenses.

This condition has doubled in frequency over the last 10 years, without us currently being able to explain it.

This anomaly results in an exaggerated reaction of the skin to normal stimuli for others. The origin of this eczema is genetic in half of the cases and de novo in the other half, but many external factors seem to be involved (infections, dental flare-ups, nutritional and respiratory allergens, stress, etc.).

Eczema will develop in waves over a number of months or years that cannot be predicted in advance. This chronic aspect is often the most difficult for parents to accept

There is no single treatment but a combination of treatments to be implemented in a precise manner. This care aims to reduce the number and extent of flare-ups, to improve skin hydration, to calm the scratching, and to combat the often-associated infections.

It is important to discuss specifically the risks of all medications used in the long term, whether it is local cortisone, other new immunomodulators, phototherapy in older children and even the risk of simple cosmetic creams in the long term.

Remember that just because a product is natural or organic does not mean it is free of side effects.

Epicutaneous tests can also be carried out if there is a suspicion of contact eczema, but they are difficult to carry out on children under 6 years of age for technical reasons (the surface of the skin is limited) and for reasons inherent to the child, who finds it difficult to accept keeping tests stuck to his back for 48 hours.

In order to successfully treat a child’s eczema, it is necessary to leave room for dialogue, whether it concerns the parents’ everyday problems (clothing, behavior in relation to animals and various allergens, little tricks to relieve scratching) or the psychological problems linked to the experience of any chronic illness.

We also discuss safe websites to go to for further information.