Ablative or sanding

This family of lasers consists of ablative lasers, CO2 Ultrapulse ™, the Erbium: YAG or Pearl ™ and infrared laser ARAMIS.

It allows two (2) types of acts:

Sanding while improving small skin lesions such as intradermal nevi, xanthelasma or syringomes. A simple local anaesthetic cream an hour before the intervention is all that is needed.  After the intervention, healing will start to occur within about a week  with the  application of  a healing cream (e.g. Bepanthene ™) twice a day on the treated area.

Improves overall complexion, skin, spots, fine wrinkles and wrinkles of medium depth.  This type of treatment requires  an absence from

During this period:

  • showering is possible, but avoid taking a bath, sauna, swimming etc. Subsequently, the treated area will keep an appearance of being slightly pink from 4 to 8 weeks.
  • In addition, it is important to protect the area with a good sunscreen (e.g. Anthelios 50 + fluid Extreme from Roche Posay).

Improves overall complexion, skin, spots, wrinkles and wrinkles of medium depth. This type of treatment requires a development from the social and labour market lives for 3 to 6 days. It provides dramatic, visible results in a week and in a single session.

A medical consultation is essential before this treatment.