Improvement of stretch marks

Stretch marks are a frequent phenomenon

Affecting mostly women (80%) that men, stretch marks are characterized by skin lesion in the form of small lines, initially red, on areas where the skin has been subjected to too much tension.

Under a microscope, these stretch marks have similar characteristics to small scars. The most frequent causes are puberty (especially for girls) too intensive bodybuilding (especially in males), pregnancy, taking medications, hormonal imbalance and of course a sudden weight gain.

Lasers have completely revolutione support of stretch marks

While a few years ago, only the aggressive treatments, abrasive, were available, we use laser -ablation fractione “Lux1540 Fractional” successfully for approximately four (4) years. This system has been recognized, 1.12.2009 by very strict US FDA as the first laser in the world approved for the improvement of stretch marks.

In principle, six (6) to ten (10) sessions, depending on the situation, will be required to obtain an improvement of 40 to 80% depending on the circumstances. It is unfortunately not (yet) possible to completely remove stretch marks!

Sessions require no anesthesia. Only a slight sensation of picottement – burning is felt.  Typically, swelling and redness for 24 to 48 hours will be visible. All usual activities, even sports, are possible after the meeting. A sunscreen should be applied after each session for a week only. This laser to treat all skin types, including black or spotted wilt.

Support of stretch marks is an act purely aesthetic, even if they are sometimes psychological impact on some patients. No insurance accepts therefore support these lasertreatments.