Rejuvenate the appearance of the skin by decreasing both brown spots, dilated vessels and by stimulating collagen production (cf. this specific text), using an intense pulsed light, derived from the laser technology.


The principle of treatment is the same as with lasers, namely use of light energy (photons) to destroy certain specific structures of the skin, e.g. dilated vessels, spots etc. However, unlike lasers that use only a single wavelength at a time and can therefore destroy only a single target at a time, intense pulsed light uses a spectrum of multiple wavelengths. This allows, during the same session, to improve several type of unsightly skin lesions. The short wavelengths will treat brown spots, the average wavelength vessels and higher wavelengths will stimulate collagen.

Best indications

All skin rather clear, with both brown spots, dilated vessels and a certain relaxation of the skin texture. This method is very beneficial especially if large areas are to be treated. Neck, décolleté, face, forearms and the legs are particularly good indications.


Laser sessions are done at the doctor’s office, require no anesthesia and last between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the surface to be treated. Depending on the size of the lesions to be treated, I will propose a series of three to six sessions to improve your skin condition. Therefore, predict from several sessions, spaced usually 3 to 6 weeks each.

Conduct of the intervention

Before the intervention, the skin will be carefully toning by the patient, who will thus take its necessary with it. Eyes will be protected from intense light pulsed through external metal hulls.
A sensation of flash through the skin is noticeable during treatment. Type ‘sunburn’ redness is expected, immediately after the meeting. A discreet edema, especially during sessions on the neck, is quite normal. It disappears within 24 to 48 hours. Help reduce the redness, inflammation and oedema may be by Evian water compresses or misting of water of Avène, previously put in the fridge.
24 to 48 hours after the session you will see that your brown spots have become more marked taking a dark brown to purple. This is perfectly normal and disappears in a week about. Some patients may be small scabs, without requiring this of adverse consequence.
In principle, at the end of one session, you will see no improvement, this is perfectly normal. Do not forget that it is a series of sessions and the final result takes some time (several months) to be significant.

Avoid absolutely!

Avoid strictly any sun exposure any form (natural or UV cabin) a month before and during the treatment, which takes place in several sessions and up to 4 weeks after the last session.
In any case I will discuss a Tan skin.

  • Be sure to always apply a very high protection sunscreen.
  • Recommended: Anthelios XL 60 milk (Roche Posay), Avène 60 milk or cream or Photoderm 100 milk Max or Spot (Bioderma) before exiting your home in the morning, even if it is raining and even if you consider not outdoor activity.

This is valid especially for treatment of extended surfaces beyond 10 cm 2.

  • Outdoor activities, be sure to repeat the application of solar protection every 2-3 hours approximately. Remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat or a hat face treatment.
  • Avoid to extract small crusts that form a few days after the meeting.
  • Avoid to change brutally maintenance for your skin during treatment, so do not add a new allergic contact eczema product.
  • You can you make up immediately after the meeting and in the following days.
  • Attention however do not use aggressive make-up Remover tonics.
  • You can set the area of the body treated with a soft toilet glove or even a shower.
  • Attention however not to hot to not abuse pool bath.
  • Please do not sauna and intense physical exercise during the 2-3 days following the meeting.

Immediate expected effects

  • A more or less diffuse redness is seen in all cases as a result of the treatment. You can use make-up with your usual products.
  • Swelling (edema) localized, especially at the level of the neck, in some patients. Don’t worry. This goes away alone within 24 to 48 hours. Cold water applications help deflate the swelling faster.
  • More or less marked crusts are frequent among the most reactive skins. DO NOT TOUCH crusts and DO NOT scratch. Make cold water compresses (see above) two to four times a day and applying a soothing cream of  Tolériane (Roche Posay). Duration of scabs last about 3 to 10 days. Possible to apply makeup but be very careful when removing makeup and do not scratch the crusts.

Possible complications

  • Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the treated areas ) is only seen in certain types of skin and if the patient has exposed themselves to the Sun without protection.
  • A  lightening colouring of the area treated especially in patients of skin hypo-pigmentation.
  • Theoretically possible scarring, but personally never experienced, because of the prudent way to proceed.

Disappointment in the final result is always possible. Don’t forget that we are dealing here with “Nature”, and skin damage often due to the accumulation of years of combined hours in the sun. Some patients will respond better than others. This is a cosmetic treatment that has proven its effectiveness but it is not a fountain of youth, or a magic wand! At the end of the series of sessions of intense pulsed light, some patients may need other forms of treatment to further improve their skin condition.

Financial aspect

Hair removal is in the aesthetic domain exclusively. No insurance will accept to support this type of treatment.