Restructuring of the facial volumes

Thanks to their volumizing and moisturizing effects, hyaluronic acid injections not only make it possible to fill in wrinkles but also restore the loss of volume and contours of the face (age, weight loss, etc.)

We use the technique of injection by ultra-fine micro-cannulas, which are flexible and not sharp which:

  • provides total comfort to the patient, making anesthesia optional.
  • significantly reduces the risk of bruising
  • and increases the overall harmony of injections

The injection procedure lasts about 20 minutes and the effects are immediately visible, although complete after two weeks. Going back to work can often happen the next day, sometimes with light makeup.

It is possible by this technique to treat:

  • the volume of cheeks and cheekbones
  • the hollow temples
  • facial contours
  • lips
  • loss of skin hydration (such as the back of the hands)

For safety, the products used at the Skinpulse center are exclusively absorbable. The stability of the results is appreciated over 6 to 12 months.