Body shaping

The English term “Body Shaping” includes all techniques of remodelling of the silhouette to improve cellulite, or too much fat zone, or both at once.

This area is constantly evolving.

Currently, Body Shaping includes 2 types of methods:

  • lasers methods non-surgical, non-invasive so (VelaShape, Acoustic Wave Therapy, Radio frequency Freeze, Coolsculpting)
  • minimally-invasive methods ( Laserlipolysis)


Of cellulite

To reduce excess fat localized, we practice:

  • is a minimally invasive technique, the laser lipolysis
  • be external, non-invasive treatment, such as ultrasound, radiofrequency or both handsets, but also the Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT ™), purely mechanical waves.

To improve the cellulite, different techniques are available to the Skinpulse beauty center

  • The AWT ™, Acoustic Wave Therapy
  • The Velashape ™, combining mechanical massage of type palpated rolled to two heat sources, bipolar radiofrequency and laser infrared.
  • Freeze ™, the latest generation of radio frequency, octopole, combined to strong magnetic fields.

The most appropriate technique will be discussed during the first aesthetic consultation, indispensable.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a technique that uses a very fine probe (diameter approx. 1 mm) introduced under the skin by of all small incisions (3-4 mm long) in local anesthesia. At the end of this probe is connected a laser fiber that will melt the grease in his contact. By heat emission, the overlying skin will be slightly heated which will have the effect of stimulating the production of new collagen and therefore re-brushing skin from the inside.

Practiced since 2005, this method is done in an operating room, medical cabinet, under local anaesthesia and ambulatory strictly.


Centre Skinpulse offers an operating room homologated, perfectly equipped for this type of intervention and the Palomar SlimLipo laser .

What are the best areas to be treated?

Lipolysis laser shows his interest in areas where relatively low volumes to aspire and where the skin switched on is crucial, as for example: double chin, abdomen, love handles, the panties of horse, the inside of the knees. The choice between traditional lipoplasty or laser lipolysis will be explained to you at the first consultation.

We sometimes offer the two techniques in combination.

How long the results of the intervention are visible?

As for the lipoplasty, as long as the operated person remain stable weight. Indeed, the number of our fat cells is fixed since the end of puberty. Only the volume of each cell varies according to our weight (e.g. compare the volume occupied by a ping-pong ball compared to a soccer ball). With the lipoplasty, a number of these fat cells is removed. Therefore, they can no longer push. If the person remains stable weight subsequently, this gain in volume remains so acquired.

The final results of the intervention are obtained only four (4) to six (6) months after the intervention. It’s an improvement that the degree you will be clarified during the first consultation, depending on the importance of the fat tissue of your skin tone, areas to be treated, etc.

During the first consultation, we’ll advise you, if necessary, sessions of massage, drainage, toning the skin using the proper technique.


Laser lipolysis is a character aesthetic intervention.
No insurance agrees to support, even in part.
Also, when you register, a precise and detailed written quote will be provided.
Different fees shall be paid no later than 10 days before the operation, otherwise it will be postponed.

Radio frequency and ultrasonic

Currently, we no longer use ultrasound to destroy the fat under skin by outsourcing.

We prefer to use the bipolar radiofrequency with VELASHAPE or octipolaire with the FREEZE.