Body shaping

Body Shaping includes all the techniques used to reshape the silhouette to improve either cellulite, or an excessively large fat area, or both at the same time.
This field is in constant evolution.
Currently, Body Shaping includes 3 types of methods:
• a non-invasive method using cold, during which the subcutaneous fat is frozen, the Coolsculpting method
• a method that is also non-invasive but this time using heat, the SculpSure method
• non-surgical, therefore non-invasive (Venus Legacy, Acoustic Wave Therapy) laser / radio frequency / mechanical wave methods
Reduction of localised excess fat:

  • Coolsculpting method
  • SculpSure method
    Reduction of cellulite:
    To improve cellulite, different techniques are available at the Skinpulse Beauty Centre
  • The AWT™, Acoustic Wave Therapy, purely mechanical waves…
  • The Venus Legacy combines mechanical massage of the palpable-roll type with two heat sources, octipolar radio frequency and infrared laser.
    The most appropriate technique will be discussed during the first aesthetic consultation, which is essential.