Injectable products

Injectable products within two major families:

• A. Fillers

These products work wonders in the lower face to fill unsightly wrinkles and furrows such as nasolabial folds and folds of bitterness or to firm up the oval of the face. At the SKINPULSE center, we only use absorbable products, guaranteeing optimal safety.

• B. Botulinum toxin

Preferably injected on the upper face, in the areas of expression lines such as: glabella (lion lines), forehead, corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).

A ) Hyaluronic acid

GOAL:  To reduce facial wrinkles, mainly on the lower face

To fill wrinkles in the lower face (mouth and nasolabial folds) a host of products and techniques are available. Personally, we have taken the option of maximum safety by injecting hyaluronic acid only. This product is now produced in factories by genetic engineering, without going through an animal derivative. Injected subcutaneously, it fills in wrinkles and furrows. Allergic reactions to this product are extremely rare (less than one per thousand).

During the session, the pain felt is a little more important than with the botulinum toxin because it is necessary to “trace” the wrinkle in several stages. Also, usually we suggest applying an anesthetic cream of our composition, 45 to 60 minutes before practicing the injections. Redness and swelling and a bumpy appearance are normal within two to three days after the session. A small hematoma at one of the injection sites is not uncommon. Please do not expose the injected area to the sun while the post-injection redness is visible.

Depending on the importance of the wrinkles to be treated, we will offer you a program of injections. Indeed, we do not like injecting more than one ampoule at a time to avoid overflowing the product outside of wrinkles.

The classic contraindications are pregnancy, certain autoimmune diseases, true (very rare) allergies to hyaluronic acid.

Patients anticoagulated with Aspirin, Sintrom or Xarelto should simply report it before the session as the risk of post-injection hematoma is greater.

B ) Botulinum toxin

GOAL: Reduce facial wrinkles, mainly on the upper face.

Botulinum toxin A injections

This product has been injected and approved since 2002 for cosmetic applications. The indications of choice are inter-eyebrow wrinkles (called lion wrinkles), wrinkles around the eyes (called crow’s feet wrinkles) as well as those on the forehead.

The classic contraindications are pregnancy, certain neurological, rheumatic, or autoimmune diseases. Patients anticoagulated with Aspirin, Sintrom or Xarelto should simply report it before the session because the risk of post injection bruising is greater.

There is therefore no real intolerance or “allergy” to this product.

Immediately after the injections, do not lie down or stay upside down for a long time, ideally a normal posture, sitting or standing within 4 hours. Please also refrain from any sport, sauna or hot bath within 24 hours of the injection.

To note :

Botulinum toxin can be used to significantly reduce excessive sweating (called hyperhidrosis), mainly in the axillary (armpits).

At the axillary level, the injections are performed in a single session during which one injects directly under the skin, the equivalent of 50 Units per side, distributed in around thirty sites.