Vascular lesions


Destroy selectively and specifically the skin vessels located in the superficial and middle Dermis responsible for vascular lesions.


Coagulate skin vessels in excess using either a specific wavelength in the case of lasers (532, 595 or 1064 nm) or a train of wavelengths in the case of the IPL. Agency, via its internal road system, will then come to eliminate this coagulated vessel.

Best indications

Injury or vascular malformations of the skin:

  • Port-Wine Stain (= wine stain)
  • stellate Angioma
  • Rosacea (vascular dilatations of the face): small spider veins, thin red legs-level or more large and bluish
  • Venous Lake to the lips. Ruby points of the body, etc.

Conduct of the intervention

For rosacea, spider naevi and spider veins on the legs, no preparation is required, usually performed in several sessions at the practice, no particular anaesthetic.

Avoid absolutely !

  • Avoid strictly any sun exposure in any form (natural or UV cabin) throughout the laser treatment if it is held in several sessions and up to 4 weeks after a single session.
  • We will not treat a tanned skin.
  • Be sure to always apply a very high protection sunscreen (e.g. Anthelios 50 + Extreme Fluid from La Roche Posay) before leaving your home in the morning, even if it is raining and even if you do not plan an outdoor activity. This is valid especially for treatments of large surfaces over 5 cm2.
  • For outdoor activities, be sure to repeat the application of sun protection every 2-3 hours approximately. Remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat if treatment has been done on the face.
  • In the 10 days before a laser session, please avoid any medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin, Aspirin Cardioc, Alcacyl, Treupel, Aqua-Selzer etc.) because these products thin the blood while the laser is trying to coagulate vessels. Or even (Ciproxin, Noroxin) or antidepressants and especially a plant called Milpertuis (in latin Hypericum) frequently found in “natural” preparations and sometimes called St. Johns Wort.

After the treatment

Avoid sun exposure in the 4 weeks following the laser session.

Immediate expected effects
More or less diffuse redness is seen in all cases after treatment. You may use your usual make-up products on your face. Edema (swelling) is also sometimes visible and normal.