Beauty treatments price list

(not supported by health insurance)

• All prices indicated are in Swiss francs (CHF) and per session, unless specified.
• Aesthetic treatments are paid directly after each session at the reception.
• We accept cash as well as current debit / credit cards:
(EC-Direct, PostCard, Eurocard, Visa).

This list can be modified at any time without notice.

Warning ! Missed appointments, not excused at least 48 hours in advance, will be billed in proportion to the time reserved.

1st CONSULTATION aesthetics by physician
(not supported by health insurance)
from CHF 150.-
 Profhilo® (per session and per area) CHF 500.-
Vascular lesions 
Stellar Angioma lesion (s) 1-3CHF 200.- to 300.-
> 3 lesionsCHF 300.- to 400.-
Rosacea/small erythroseCHF 300.- to 400.-
Rosacea/erythrose averageCHF 400.- to 600.-
Rosacea/erythrose extended> CHF 600.-
Ruby dotsAccording to number of lesions and
more or less of surface to be treated.
Photorejuvenation by lasers – per session 
First zone (choice: face or neck or décolleté)CHF 500.- to 700.-
Two areas (your choice: e.g. face + neck)CHF 700.- to 900.-
Three zones (face + neck + cleavage)CHF 900.- to 1200.-
ForearmCHF 550.- to 700.-
Photorejuvenation by 3-D lasers or Laser GenesisAccording to quotation
Pigmented lesions 
Small surfacesCHF 200.- to 300.-
Medium-sized surfacesCHF 300.- to 600.-
Large surfacesCHF 800.- to 1200.-
Aesthetic evaluation Free
Small applicators (CoolCurve+ or CoolCore + Coolfit)CHF 750.- 1 applicator / CHF 650.- 2 applicator / CHF 600.- from 3 applicator
Large applicator (CoolMax)CHF 980.- applicator
 Special applicator for saddle bags CHF 1’800.- for both sides / session
Improvement of stretch marks by laser 
Price according to surface / per sessionCHF 200.- to 800.-
Tattoo laser removal 
With the new Picosure laser, less sessions are required therefore also less time 
Small tattooCHF 300.- to 500.-
Medium size tattooCHF 500.- to 800.-
Large tattooCHF 800.- to 1000.-
Very large tattoo> CHF 1000.-
Permanent makeup – PMU (face)from CHF 800.-
Laser treatment of leg veins 
Price depending on the surfacefrom CHF 500.-
For wrinkles: by session of surface to be treated and/or the muscular tonus of the patient.CHF 500.- to CHF 1200.-
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) axillary, per session including
injections in both underarm
CHF 800.- to CHF 1000.- (underarm)

Hyaluronic acid 
Per ampoule depending on the size and brand.CHF 500.- to 700.-
Extra for anesthesia cream (come at least 60 minutes before).Included from 600.-
The number of ampoules needed for each particular case will be specified at the first consultation. 
The number of sessions to complete a cycle of peels will be specified at the first consultation (2 to 5 sessions). 
Superficial, per session and per areaCHF 200.- to 250.-
Means on small area, per sessionCHF 250.- to 400.-
Means on average area, per sessionCHF 400.- to 600.-
Means on large area, per session> CHF 600.-
Special peelingsAccording to quotation
Per sessionCHF from 190.-
Superficial Peeling + MésothérapieAccording to quotation


Laser hair removal is an aesthetic treatment. Patients must pay for it themselves. Health insurance will never pay for this type of treatment. We ask for payment after each session.

Cash and major credit/debit cards are accepted.

Warning !
All areas are treated by our qualified estheticians Isabelle and Nathalie who are specialized in lasers, under medical supervision.
A supplement of up to 50% per session can be asked in case of a difficult situation.
We do not epilate eyebrows, nostrils, or ears.
We reserve the right to bill missed non-excused sessions at least 48 hours in advance. Billing will be in proportion to the time initially reserved at the rate of CHF 300.- per hour.

An aesthetic consultation by one of our qualified aestheticians is mandatory prior to any laser hair removal procedure. It will be billed CHF 50.- and deducted from the 1st treatment.  

AREAPrice per session
AbdomenOn request
AreolasCHF 100.-
UnderarmCHF 180.-
ForearmCHF 280.-
ThighsOn request
Fingers, toesCHF 100.-
LegsCHF 650.-
Legs (1/2 ) = knees > ankleCHF 390.-
Bikini S or MCHF 250.-
Bikini L or XLCHF 320.-
Back of the neckCHF 200.-
Face or Neck    CHF from 150.-
PackagesPrice per session
Full legs + bikini + underarmFull legs + bikiniCHF 990.-CHF 890.-
Legs 1/2 + bikiniCHF 550.-
Legs 1/2 + underarmCHF 490.-
Legs 1/2 + underarm + bikiniCHF 690.-
Bikini + underarmCHF 410.-
Other areasOn request

HydraFacial rates

The hydra CHF 190.-
Hydracne CHF 230.-
HydraAge CHF 240.-
The HydraAge + CHF 290.-
The HydraAgeBoost CHF 340. –